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Positivity Shelly Agarwal (SJV Class-11) Education Positive is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on thinking the brighter side of life and produces positive results. A positive person participates or competes with a healthy mindset and is always successful, happy and smiling but also helps in building skill. Positive emotions like joy, contentment and love remove the obstacles in our life and we are likely to see more possibilities. The biggest benefit of positive thinking is that it makes a person see his/her actual abilities and develop these for later use in life. With a positive attitude we experience pleasant and happy feelings. It has a direct effect on our health and provide us with a huge amount of energy. It enhances our daily behaviour like how we talk, feel and react. A negative person is likely to be narrow minded and focused on negative thoughts. This creating troubles in life. Positive thinking is not very hard to attain. It can be done through a constant and conscious effort of an individual. We might also get effected by someone instinctively and on a subconscious level, through words thoughts or feelings. Positive thinking is a way of living the life with comfort and is 99% effective. People like staying with positive people as they are more trustworthy and helpful. So, to use this weapon in life a person needs more than just to be aware of its existence. He needs to adopt the positivity in everything he does. 2018-12-20 07:14:40 Edit Delete
Class 9 Science CBSE Important Question Chemistry Matter in our Surroundings, Is matter around us pure, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atom RBeI Education MATTER IN OUR SURROUNDINGS Fill in the Blanks Evaporation of a liquid at room temperature leads to a ______ effect. The phenomenon of change of a liquid into the gaseous state at any temperature below its boiling point is called ______ The laboratory thermometers and the clinical thermometer are calibrated in __________ 0° C = _______ K The temperature is recorded by ______ The thermometers with Fahrenheit scale are calibrated from _____ The process of freezing is the reverse of __________ The process of condensation is the reverse of _______ The pressure is ______ at sea level. Evaporation of a liquid is always accompanied by ______ in temperature or cooling. Multiple Choice Question A few substances are arranged in the increasing order of forces of attraction between their particles. Which one of the following represents a correct arrangement? Water, air, wind Air, sugar, oil Oxygen, water, sugar Salt, juice, air On converting 25°C, 38°C and 66°C to Kelvin Scale, the correct sequence of temperature will be: 298K, 311K and 339K 298K, 300K and 338K 273K, 278K and 543K 298K, 310K and 338K The property to flow is unique in fluids. Which one of the following statement is correct? Only gases behave like fluids Gases and solids behave like fluid Gases and liquid behave like fluids Only liquids are fluids During summer, water kept in an earthen pot become cool because of the phenomenon of: Diffusion Transportation Osmosis Evaporation The rate of evaporation decreases with increase in: Surface area Temperature Humidity Wind speed The state of matter which have fixed volume but lack definite shape is: Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Write True or False The term vapour represent the gaseous state of a substance that exists as a liquid or solid -273 K = 0°C Solid cannot flow from one place to another An absolute temperature scale is the Celsius scale Short questions and answers Which substance in its gaseous state is called vapour? Name two gases supplied in homes and hospitals in compressed form. Expand: (a) CNG (b) LPG Name the term used to describe the mixing of copper sulphate and water kept in a beaker on its own. Name the particles which make up matter. Long Question and Answer Define diffusion? Explain the phenomenon of diffusion with an example. Gases take the shape of the container in which they are present. Comment? Give reason: “Gases have no fixed boundaries” Why does the temperature of a substance remain constant during its melting point or boiling point? Draw a labelled diagram of the experimental set up to demonstrate the sublimation of ammonium chloride? Explain an activity to show the factors affecting evaporation?     IS MATTER AROUND US PURE Fill in the blanks: The mixture of metal are called______ % strength by Mass = ___________ A colloid is a ___________ mixture and its component can be separated by the technique is known as _______ Ice, water and water vapour look different and display different __________ properties but they are ____ the same. The liquid which leaves behind a residue on heating is ______ Pure liquid from a solution is obtained by ______ A ____ shows the properties of constituent substances. New substances are formed in a _____ change. Air is a ____ of several gases Tyndall effects is produced by ______ Multiple Choice Question Particles of which are visible by naked eyes: Mixture Colloidal solution Suspension None of these Most elements are: Solids Liquids Gases Mixtures Select the non-metal from the following: Diamond Gold Silver Platinum Select a colloidal solution out of the following. Gold ornaments Sand grains Lime water Paint Impure salt can be purified by the process: Fractional evaporation Distillation Fractional purification Crystallization Solution of soap in water is a: True solution Colloidal solution Suspension None of the above Write True or False A liquid mixture of carbon tetrachloride and water can be separated by separating funnel Sodium chloride undergoes sublimation. Air is a compound Iodine and sand can be separated by sublimation Short questions and answers Define aerosol? Differentiate between a solution and a mixture Define following terms: Ductility Malleability Brittleness What is meant by element and a compound Explain tyndall effect. Long Question and Answer Calculate the mass of sodium sulphate required to prepare its 20% (mass percent) solution in 100 g water?  Differentiate between colloid, suspension and solution Define filtration? Give any three example in which filtration proceed is used? Define distillation. Explain the principle of distillation Define magnetic separation. What is meant by sublimate? Define fractional crystallization.       ATOMS AND MOLECULES Fill in the Blanks The law of conservation of mass was proposed by ______ in _______ The law of constant was proposed by _________ in ______ The smallest particles of matter are_______ The radius of an atom or the atomic radius is measured in _____ _______ are the building blocks of all matter Alchemist were also called__________ Atoms exist in the form of _________ and ________ Atoms of the same elements or of different elements can join together to form ________ Ions are also called as__________ Formula of sodium carbonate is ________ and that of ammonium sulphate is ______ Multiple Choice Questions Which among the following is not correctly matched? Copper – Co Cobalt- Co Calcium – Ca Silver- Ag A sample contains 22g of carbon dioxide. This is equal to: One molar volume of carbon dioxide One mole of carbon dioxide Half mole of carbon dioxide Two moles of carbon dioxide One amu means: Mass of hydrogen molecules Mass of C- 12 atoms 1/12th mass of C-12 atoms Mass of O- 16 atoms The value of Avogadro constant is: 6.022 x 1024 6.022 x 1022 6.022 x 1023 60.22 x 1023 Kalium is the latin name of: Potassium Krypton Calcium Phosphorous The term ‘mole’ was introduced by: Lavoisier Dalton Ostwald Avogadro Write True or False Copper is diatomic A sulphide ion has positive charge The formula of calcium oxide is Ca2O2 The law of definite proportions was proposed by Proust Short Questions and Answers Define chemical formula. Write down the chemical formula of (a) Hydrogen peroxide, (b) Zinc nitrate. Define molar mass. Give its unit Give the atomic mass of: (a) Magnesium (b) Calcium (c) Potassium? What are the drawbacks of Dalton’s atomic theory? Why Dalton’s atomic theory was accepted? Define law of constant proportion. Long Question and Answers Mention features of Dalton’s atomic theory. If the ratio by mass of magnesium and Sulphur is 3: 4 in magnesium sulphide, then what is the ratio of the number of magnesium and Sulphur atoms? Define formula unit of an ionic compound. Give the formula unit of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride. Define empirical formulae. How will you determine the empirical formulae? Differentiate between simple and compound ions. How will you calculate the formula mass of an ionic compound?                 STRUCTURE OF ATOM Fill in the Blanks: The charge on the electron was determined by________ The subatomic particles were regarded as the ____________ The absolute charge of the proton is________ Bohr model of atom was based on _______ ________ rays are negatively charged The __________ fundamental sub atomic particles are negatively charged Anode _______ rays are also called. Mass of a proton is ________ times the mass of an electron ________ are atoms of the same element, which have same number of proton but different mass numbers. Atomic number is equal to_________ Multiple choice Questions: The maximum number of electron that can be accommodated in M shell is: 2 8 18 32 Protium, Deutrium and Tritium are isotopes of Rhodium Sodium Helium Hydrogen Number of neutrons presents in Hydrogen atom is: 0 2 1 3 In an atom, the mass number of an atom is equal to the number of: Nucleons Proton Electrons Neutrons α – particles are: negative charged particles positive charged particles beam of neutrons gamma radiations proton was discovered by: Rutherford Goldstein Chadwick J.J. Thomson Write True or False The outermost shell is an atom have more than 8 electrons Electron are stationary in different energy shell. All atoms exist independently I-131 is effective in the treatment of cancer. Short Question and Answers What are canal rays? Differentiate between electron, proton and neutron Calculate the number of neutrons present in the nucleus of an elements X which is represented as 3115 X Why do Helium, Neon and Argon have a zero valency? Name the scientist and his experiments to prove that nucleus of an atom is positively charged? Long Question and Answers Describe Rutherford’s model of an atom. What are the isotopes of hydrogen? Give their symbols and name. Explain why the atomic masses of many elements are in fractions and not in which whole numbers? Explain the characteristics of cathode rays. What are the drawbacks of Rutherford’s model of an atom? What are the postulate of Bohr’s model of an atoms?                       Important Links : 1) How to master Physics for IIT-JEE Class 11 and 12 Boards 2) Bye-Bye Exams by Dr. Sayantani Bhattacharjee 3) An Experts Speaks by Souravi Chakraborty 4) Class 10 CBSE Science Important questions This will include all the chapters of Science Chapter 1 – Chemical Reactions and Equations. Chapter 2 – Acids, Bases, and Salts. Chapter 3 – Metals and Non-Metals. Chapter 4 – Carbon and Its Compounds. Chapter 5 – Periodic Classification of Elements. Chapter 6 – Life Processes. Chapter 7 – Control and Coordination. Chapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce? Chapter 9: Heredity and Evolution Chapter 10: Light – Reflection and Refraction Chapter 11: Human Eye and Colourful World Chapter 12: Electricity Chapter 13: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Chapter 14: Sources of Energy Chapter 15: Our Environment Chapter 16: Management of Natural Resources 5) For Class 6,Class7, Class8, Class9, Class10 visit our website for more details 2018-12-20 07:14:40 Edit Delete
Class 9 Science CBSE Important Question THE FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF LIFE, TISSUES, DIVERSITY IN LIVING ORGANISM, WHY DO WE FALL ILL, NATURAL RESOURCES, IMPROVEMENT IN FOOD RESOURCES RBeI Biology Marks Distribution: A- 1 x 10 = 10                                        B- 1 x 6 = 6                                       C- 1 x 4 = 4                                       D- 2 x 5 = 10                                       E- 5 x 5 = 25 Total Marks: 55 marks each chapter THE FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF LIFE Fill in the Blanks ___________ is known as the energy currency of the cell The cell wall is made up of ___________ The cell was discovered by _______ Lysosome is also called _____ Ostrich egg is the ______ cell Nucleus was discovered by _________ Mitochondria are called ________ of the cell The ________ of plant cell is due to cell wall. Cell centriole is absent in _________ Eukaryotic ribosomes are ____ Multiple Choice Question The first person to observe a cell under microscope was M. Schleiden T. Schwann Robert Hooke A. V. Leeuwenhoek Cell theory proposed by: Morgan Robert Brown Schleiden and Schwann Robert Hooke Cell wall shows: Complete permeability Semi permeability Differential Permeability Impermeability Plant cell wall is mainly composed of Sugar Cellulose Proteins Lipids Cell is: Functional unit of life Structural unit of life Hereditary unit of life All of the above Plasma membrane is: Impermeable Formed of cellulose Selectively permeable Nonselective Guess the word I am seen only in a plant cell. I am a system of tubes through the cytoplasm am involved in transporting materials I am the liquid inside the cell mostly made up of water. I am the site of photosynthesis in plant cells. Short questions and answers What is plasma membrane? Differentiate between exosmosis and endosmosis. Define Passive and Active transport. What are the functions of cell wall? What happen when an animal cell is placed in a very dilute external medium? Why? Long Question and Answer Draw an animal cell and label five important organelles found in it. Explain different types of diffusion? Differentiate between Transport and Diffusion How does an Amoeba obtain its food? Differences between Plant cell and Animal cell? Explain the composition of Golgi Bodies? Explain the structure of Golgi bodies as seen in Plant and animal cell.                                         TISSUES Fill in the blanks: The study of tissues is called _____ The term tissue was contained by _______ Both Xylem and Phloem Constitute ________ The vessels are also called _______ Xylem parenchyma is also called _________ The phloem fibres are also called ______ The simple squamous epithelial cells are also called ___ and ____ epithelium The red blood cells are also called ________ The white blood cells are also called ______ ________ are forms of complex tissue. Multiple Choice Question Parenchyma cells are: Relatively unspecified and thin walled Thick walled and specialised Lignified None of these Bone matrix is rich in: Fluoride and calcium Calcium and phosphorus Calcium and potassium Phosphorus and potassium Nervous tissue is not found in: Brain Spinal cord Tendons Nerves Which of the following tissue has dead cells? Parenchyma Sclerenchyma Collenchyma Epithelial tissue The dead element present in the phloem is: Companions cells Phloem fibres Phloem Parenchyma Sieve Tubes Nerves cell does not contain: Axon Nerve ending Tendons Dendrites Name the Following The tissue that stores fat in our body The neuron which carry impulses towards brain The most common type of ground tissue The tissue that forms inner lining of our mouth Short questions and answers Mention some important function of tissue Explain three types of simple tissues Draw a labelled diagram of Parenchyma Differentiate between tracheids and vessels What are the various types of white blood cells? What is goblet cell? Long Question and Answer Draw the Internal structure of stem Write a short note on complex tissues Classify connective tissue and give a brief note on it Differentiate between Complex tissue and Simple tissue Explain the structure of neuron with the help of neat diagram             DIVERSITY IN LIVING ORGANISM Fill in the Blanks India is one of the ________ mega diversity countries in the world. The artificial system of classification was based on ________ The natural system of classification was based on ______ The phylogenetic system of classification was based on ______ The plant in Thallophyta include________ The cell wall of Thallophyta is made up of _____ The plant without differentiation of body belong to division ______ The plants without specialized vascular tissue belongs to ____ The plants with vascular tissue which produce naked seeds belong to _____ The flame cells help in ______ and ________ Multiple Choice Questions Which one is true fish? Jelly fish Star fish Dog fish Silver fish Skeleton is made entirely of cartilage in: Sharks Tuna Rohu None of these In taxonomic hierarchy family comes between: Class and Order Order and Genus Genus and Species Division and class Well defined nucleus is absent in: Blue green algae Diatoms Algae yeast The locomotory organs of Echinodermata are: Tube feet Muscular Feet Jointed legs Parapodia Real organ are absent in: Arthropoda Mollusca Echinodermata Coelenterata Write True or False Whittaker proposed five kingdom classification Blue green algae belong to the kingdom Protista All prokaryotes are classified under Monera Monera divided into Archaebacteria and Eubacteria Short Questions and Answers Differentiate porifera and cnidarian. List any four characters of phylum Arthropoda Differentiate between primitive and advanced organisms Give two disadvantages of two kingdom classification Give any four characters of Bryophyta Long Question and Answers Describe the general characteristics of mammals Compare the character between bryophytes and pteridophytes Define Diversity? What is meant by megadiversity? Who gave the method of binomial nomenclature Why are amphibian are found both in land and water? Distinguish between algae and fungi? How the complexity of cell structure and their number can be used in classification.                         WHY DO WE FALL ILL Fill in the Blanks: ________ and ________ are important to maintain individual health Our physical environment is decided by our ________ environment Female Anopheles spreads _______ _________ is the carrier of cholera and dysentery __________ was responsible for prepticulers Hepatitis targets__________ Many skin disease are caused by _______ Pneumonia is an example of ________ disease Fungal disease targets___________ __________ disease continues for many days and causes on _______ body Multiple choice Questions: Health is ______ Mental well being Complete physical wellbeing Social Wellbeing All of the above Antibodies are ____ Lipids Genes Proteins Carbohydrates AIDS day is on? May 1 December 20 December 1 June 1 World Health Day is on______ 1st May 7th April 30th June 5th December Remain healthy means Free from infection by pathogen Tension free mental status Living in a pollution free environment All of the above Rabies is caused by the bites of ____ Dog Cat Monkey All of the above Write True or False HIV is retrovirus The deficiency of Vitamin A causes rickets Typhoid is infectious disease The vector of malaria is female Anopheles (mosquito) Short Question and Answers What does the word ‘health’ refers to? Define community health. Mention the symptoms and causes of inflammations Comment ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Mention the symptom of AIDS Differentiate disease free and healthy Long Question and Answers What are the different ways by which microorganism enter our body? Explain the external factors affecting human health Explain how microorganism enter our body Give a short note on any three bacterial diseases of human being. What are the essential condition of good health? Why AIDS is considered to be a ‘Syndrome’ and not a diseases                                               NATURAL RESOURCES Fill in the blanks: The _____ are tools for the development of human being. The biogeochemical cycles determine ________ The atmosphere covering the earth act as a _______ Humus makes the soil _________ The major consumers of carbon dioxide are ______ Oxygen is returned to the atmosphere in the process of ______ Greenhouse effect is produced by the presence of ______ ______ gas is produced at Mathura refinery. ______ is the envelope of air which surrounds the earth. Coal is an /a ______ Multiple Choice Question Which one of the following is renewable resources? Water Metals Fossil fuel All of the above Biosphere is made of Living beings and their remains Living being and lithosphere Living being, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere Living being, lithosphere and hydrosphere Acid rain mainly contains: Nitric acid Hydrochloric acid Sulphuric acid Both (a) and (c) Soil is a part of: Atmosphere Lithosphere Hydrosphere Ionosphere Percentage of nitrogen in air is: 77.02% 78.09% 76.08% 74.09% Soil erosion can be prevented by: Deforestation Afforestation Overgrazing Removal of vegetation Write true or false Carbon is incorporated into life form by photosynthesis by green plants Land gets heated faster than water Earth is the only planet where life exists Wind is caused by uneven heating of air over land and water bodies. Short answer and question Explain the composition of air Write a short note on wind. How changes of temperature effect living organism in water? Define the term soil Pollution. Give one reason for it. How is soil formed? What is the role of human in fertility of soil? Long Question and Answers What is deforestation? Give two reason for it. Explain ozone layer, its advantages and depletion. Write about the Ozone hole in the Antarctica. Define Global Warming, mention two causes for it. Draw the schematic diagram of Water Cycle in the nature. What is greenhouse effect? Name the different greenhouse gases                     IMPROVEMENT IN FOOD RESOURCES Fill in the Blanks ___________ crop grows in winter seasons Growing of wheat and groundnut on the same field is called as _____ Causal organism of any disease is called as _______ Pigeon pea is a good source of _______- ________ nutrients are needed in small quantity for plants and are called ________ Soil supply _______ nutrients to plants. A total of _____ nutrients are essential to plants Wheat, gram, pea, mustard are ________ crops Photoperiod affect the____ Rabi crops are cultivated from __________ to _______ Multiple Choice Question Which one of the following nutrients is no available in fertilizers? Nitrogen Phosphorus Iron Potassium Which one of the following fishes is a surface feeder? Rohus Mrigals Common carps Catlas 2019-04-05 12:45:03 Edit Delete