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Class-10-chemistry-important-short-question RBeI Chemistry This will cover all the imporatnt Questions of Chemistry Class 10 This is 1 Marks Question  There are total 80 Questions in this worksheet Click here to visit our Page 2019-11-30 05:40:00 Edit Delete
Actuaries Classes RBeI Actuaries Actuarial Science Actuarial science is the application of mathematical skills to the social sciences to solve important issues for industries including insurance, government, business, and academic research. Actuaries typically uses tools from statistics, economics and finance to measure and quantify risk, and subsequently manage it. It involves plenty of numbers crunching in order to provide the basis for decision-making for business activities, for example, choosing the amount of money a policyholder should pay for their insurance premium, or indeed the amount of return that they should gain. They are financial forecasters for businesses.  You should consider studying actuarial science if you’re interested in the mathematics of finance, probability theory, statistics, finance, economics, and computer science, and have a particular strength in mathematics. Career opportunities at the end of your studies are bright and offer plenty of opportunities for advancement to management levels.  The field of actuarial science is slowly gaining popularity and recognition in India. A career in this field involves application of math, statistical knowledge, skill in risk assessment, and evaluation of financial products such as insurance and investments. The role that an actuary can perform in each of these sectors can be quite varied, such as product pricing, financial modelling, valuations, risk management,  carrying out peer reviews, designing social security schemes, advise on the premium to be charged etc. Actuarial Studies are a great choice for people who are determined to follow an actuary career path and won’t settle for anything else. It is a very specialised position requiring intense training and devotion, but if you’re up for the challenge, the job market is eagerly waiting for people just like you.   About me: Hello, I am Shruti Kotwal, an Actuarial aspirant, cleared 3 actuarial papers (CS1,CS2,CM1) and B.Com Graduate from Calcutta University. If you are considering actuarial science as your career and stuck somewhere in your studies then I am here to help you. You are going to love my notes as they are well explanatory and aren’t available anywhere else. Well sometimes before I was at the same position as you are now, there were things I needed help but couldn’t. So I created this to make your actuarial journey better. Now whenever you have any questions you can count on me and I will here for you.   How can I help you? The emphasis of my notes is to simplify an otherwise complex subject reader friendly for you. Conscious efforts have been made to keep the language of the notes simple and crisp. The text have been supported by examples or illustrations for better understanding and retention and making the concepts clear. The goal is always to develop better understanding and make the subject more lucid.     2020-02-19 10:10:37 Edit Delete
What is Actuarial Science? RBeI Actuaries What is Actuarial Science? Actuarial science is the field of study relating to the quantification of risk using math, probability and statistics. Actuaries are people who are experts in mathematics, probability, economics, and finance who figure out how much money businesses should charge for making promises to pay for something that may or may not happen. The field of actuarial science is slowly gaining popularity and recognition in India. A career in this field involves application of math, statistical knowledge, skill in risk assessment, and evaluation of financial products such as insurance and investments. Actuaries Classes more details by Shruti Mam  2020-02-19 10:10:37 Edit Delete
*Chunk of me* Sushmita Poem I'm allure and life        in a cadaver of mine. No hopes,no lies,no cries     a single smile brings me alive. I'm touch to be felt        a heart to be melt. A sorrow to gleam        A morrow to lean. This is the story of me,    A girl who knows how to see.   I embrace the glory of the world, I embrace the  gleam of the vein, I embrace the beauty of the serenity, I embrace the charm which has no harm. I embrace the mercy with no pain.   No dependency on corpse of bygone, No dependency on mortals I meet, No dependency on deets I get, No dependency on sorrow I chase, No dependency on reproval I sustain, Only dependency I maintain        Is composure. Sushmita B.Tech + M.Tech (cognitive and neuroscience) from Amity University Rajasthan 2020-02-24 05:08:35 Edit Delete
Actuaries Classes ACET Notes with Details RBeI Actuaries ACET ACTUARIES CLASSES ACTUARIES NOTES ACET NOTES ACTUARIES EXAM SHRUTI MAM CLASSES ACET (Actuarial Common Entrance Test) is an entrance exam conducted by Institute of Actuaries of India since January 2012 for those who want to become the member and qualify their actuarial exams from IAI. It is a computer based exam held twice a year in the month of September and February (according to new curriculum). Eligibility Criteria: Candidates should satisfy the prescribed eligibility criteria before appearing in the entrance exam. The eligibility criteria for ACET is - one must clear their 10+2 examination or equivalent qualification with English as one of the subjects. There is no age bar for this test. Exam Pattern: ACET is a 3 hours, 100 marks MCQ type online examination which has 70 questions with 1 correct answer for each question. The distribution of marks is as follows: 45 questions – 1 mark each 20 questions – 2 marks each 05 questions – 3 marks each. There is negative marking also. For every incorrect answer, half of the weightage of the marks will be deducted. For example: For an incorrect answer of 01 mark question 0.5 will be deducted, for 02 marks and 03 marks question 01 and 1.5 will be deducted respectively.     Syllabus: This test consists of two sections i.e. Section I and Section II. Section I consists of Mathematics, Statistics and Data Interpretation (75 marks). Section II consists of English and Logical Reasoning (25 marks). Mathematics: Notations and Standard Functions Numerical Methods Algebra Differentiation Integration Vectors Matrices Statistics: Permutations and Combinations Measures of Location Measures of Spread Probabilities Advanced probabilities Discrete random variables Continuous random variables Discrete distributions. Continuous distributions Correlation and Regression Data Interpretation: Tables Column Graphs Bar Graphs Line Charts Pie Charts Venn Diagrams English: Vocabulary Based (Synonyms Antonyms) English Usage or Grammar Sentence Correction Fill in the blanks Close Passage Analogies or Reverse Analogies Jumbled Paragraph Meaning – Usage Match Summary Questions Verbal Reasoning Facts/ Inferences/ Judgement Reading Comprehension Logical Reasoning: Number and Letter Series Calendars Clocks Cubes Venn Diagrams Binary Logic Seating Arrangement Logical Sequence Logical Matching Logical Connectives Syllogism Blood Relations Books recommended and Syllabus for ACET : Registration Fee: The registration fee for the entrance exam will be Rs. 3,000/-. It covers the cost of one Sample Question Paper, Indicative Solution and Online Exam. The registration fee can be submitted by Debit or Credit Card or Internet Banking. The registration fee is not refundable and it cannot be carried forward for the next ACET exam. How to apply for ACET? Go to the Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) website ( and sign up. On filling up the Online Registration Form, you will receive a confirmation mail at your registered email id giving you the link to proceed further by giving other details, uploading your photograph and making payment of registration fee by Debit or Credit Card or Internet Banking. In case you do not receive the confirmation mail, kindly get in touch with IAI at or call at 022-67843355. After successful registration, you will be able to download the study material from your login download tab using the same id and password you used for online ACET registration.   ACTUARIES CLASSES ACTUARIES NOTES ACET NOTES ACTUARIES EXAM         2020-02-19 10:10:37 Edit Delete
Agony of fervour Sushmita Poem *Agony of fervour* 🦚   A tiny heart in a concealed prisn, Paved with grunge and despair , Unprecedented to the globe.   Defunct body strived to seek the extant, Buoyant drab smile on countenance, Gloomy eyes looked queer.   Muddled mind being inconclusive, Along with the muted mewl  & unstated words.   Curiousity was alive with graved valour, Roared with choked locution, Laid down in murk.   Untoward touch levitated the disquiet , Shattered- staggered tongue  Couldnt spawn the sound.   Affliction resides in every chunk of hers, Intimidates her to shy and die. Touch which is an agony a vein,a sorrow and chain of blame.    Nothing remains to ponder, To express ,to suppress ,to speak or weep. There is only lying range of pain  Which is sprinkling through rain.       -SUSHMITA singh 2020-02-24 05:08:35 Edit Delete