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Why is variation beneficial to the species but not necessarily for the individual?
Variations are beneficial to the species than individual because sometimes for a species, the environmental conditions change drastically and their survival becomes difficult. For example, if the temperature of water increases suddenly, then most of the bacteria living in that water would die. Only few variants that are resistant to heat would be able to survive. However, if these variants were not there, then the entire population of bacteria would have been destroyed. Thus, variants help in the survival of the species. However, all variations are not necessarily beneficial for the individual organisms.
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How does binary fission differ from multiple fission?
In binary fission, a single cell divides into two equal cells. Amoeba and Bacteria divide by binary fission.Binary fission in Amoeba In multiple fission, a single cell divides into many daughter cells simultaneously. Amoeba and Plasmodium divides by multiple fission.
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How will an organism be benefited if it reproduces through spores?
Spores are dormant and hard structures produced by some organisms in order to tide over unfavorable conditions. It is also easy for spores to spread around and foster pollination.
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What are the changes seen in girls at the time of puberty?
▪ Increase in breast size and darkening of the skin of the nipples present at the tips of the breasts. ▪ Appearance of hair in the genital area. ▪ Appearance of hair in other areas of skin like underarms, face, hands, and legs. ▪ Increase in the size of uterus and ovary. ▪ Beginning of menstrual cycle. ▪ More secretion of oil from the skin, which results in the appearance of pimples. ▪ Widening of the hips
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