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The process of Transcription is involved in the ?
Option1: Conversation of RNA & DNA
Option2: Movement of RNA from nucleus
Option3: Formation of RNA & DNA
Option4: None of these
option3 3 Biology Delete
Persons who received Nobel Prize for their work on green plants are
Option1: Carsan & Van – U.San
Option2: Calvin & Borlang
Option3: Beadle & Tcrick
Option4: None of these
option2 3 General Delete
Genes are made of
Option1: Hristones
Option2: Poly nucleotides
Option3: Hydrocarbon
Option4: Lipoproteins
option2 3 Chemistry Delete
The cell membrane is made of
Option1: Phospho Proteins
Option2: Proteins
Option3: Phospholipid Proteins
Option4: None of these
option3 3 Biology Delete
Which of the following diseases are sex – linked
Option1: Maliganancy
Option2: Levnemia
Option3: Blood ness
Option4: Hepatitis
option3 3 Biology Delete
Five year hence, father's age will be 3 times then the age of his son. Five years ago, father was 7 times as old as his son. Find their present age ?
Option1: 10, 40
Option2: 5, 50
Option3: 3, 30
Option4: None of these
option4 3 Maths Delete
. Zeroes of p(x)= x^2-2x-3 are
Option1: 1,-3
Option2: 3,-1
Option3: -3,-1
Option4: 1,3
option1 3 Maths Delete
Solution for x and y from the equations 3x-4y+7=0 and 5x-7y=2 are
Option1: 1 and -1
Option2: -1 and 1
Option3: -1 and -1
Option4: 0 and -2/7
option3 3 Maths Delete
If 2x=sec A and 2/x=tan A, then 2[x^2-1/x^2]
Option1: ½
Option2: ¼
Option3: 1/8
Option4: 1/16
option1 3 Maths Delete
If the equation 4x2-3kx+1=0 has equal roots, then k is
Option1: 2/3
Option2: 1/3
Option3: 3/4
Option4: 4/3
option4 3 Maths Delete
The Instrument for measuring electric current is known as
Option1: Ammeter
Option2: Voltameter
Option3: Galvanometer
Option4: Chronometer
option1 3 Physics Delete
Find at what temperature, the velocity of sound in air is 1.5 times the velocity at 700 C
Option1: 357°C
Option2: 387°C
Option3: 350°C
Option4: 290°C
option2 3 Maths Delete
If m1 & m2 be the masses of two bodies, d be the distance between them, the force of attraction (F) as per the universal law of gravitation is
Option1: F = m1m2 / d^2
Option2: F = G m1m2 / d^2
Option3: F = G m1m2 / d
Option4: F=G 1 m^2m^2 2 / d^2
option3 3 Physics Delete
The acceleration due to gravity is zero at
Option1: Poles
Option2: equator
Option3: center of earth
Option4: None of these
option3 3 Physics Delete
The energy of an electron in n the orbit of a hydrogen atom is given by
Option1: En = – 13.6 / n^2 ev.
Option2: En = – 13.6 / n^3 ev.
Option3: En = + 13.6 / n^2 ev.
Option4: En = + 13.6 / n^3 ev.
option1 3 Physics Delete
Deacon’s process is used for the manufacturing of
Option1: Bleaching powder
Option2: Sulphuric acid
Option3: chlorine
Option4: Hydrochloric acid (HCL)
option3 3 Chemistry Delete
Which one of the following method is considered to be a best method for the removal of temporary hardness of water
Option1: Caylon’s process
Option2: Clark’s process
Option3: Vesence process
Option4: Permutti’s process
option2 3 Physics Delete
When chlorine gas is passed through NaoH, it forms
Option1: Sodium chloride
Option2: Sodium chlorate
Option3: Sodium hypochlorite
Option4: All of these
option4 3 Chemistry Delete
Skin becomes yellow in Conc. H2SO4 as
Option1: HNO3 acts as an oxidizing agent
Option2: HNO3 acts as a dehydrating agent
Option3: Nitro – cellulose is formed
Option4: The proteins are converted into xantho proteins
option4 3 Chemistry Delete
Which of the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor
Option1: Water
Option2: Heavy water
Option3: Active Hydrogen
Option4: Heavy Hydrogen
option2 3 Chemistry Delete